Take a coffe and write your capstone project

What is capstone essay project?

A capstone essay or project is a kind of academic paper that is written in the final year of university or college education. If you are about to complete your studies, you are likely to be assigned with this type of work. Your task will be to conduct an investigation on some kind of topic in the relevant field of study.

Why is it difficult to complete capstone project?

The whole difficulty of writing this kind of project consists in the fact that you will have to apply the entire knowledge that you have gained during your studies in college or university. It means that you will need to solve some particular problem and clearly demonstrate how it should be done in your essay.

Essential steps to take when writing capstone project

  • Create a list of research papers, essays or other written projects that you have ever submitted from the first year of studying to the graduate one. After that, write a concise description of every project in the list.
  • Keep in mind that capstone essays have many similarities with research papers. This means that you can refer to the ones that you have written previously.
  • Choose a topic of your interest and make sure that it correlates with the material covered in class. After that, gather some reputable resources, which might include books, journal articles or some well-known writings of scholars.
  • Take some notes and make your first draft of the future project. You may add some portion of new information and also include the data you have obtained from the previously written papers.
  • Keep in mind that the introductory part and conclusion are to be written at the very end of the writing process.

Things to take into consideration

It is worth remembering that your capstone project should not be shorter than around 50 pages. Besides, you need to use at least 15 reputable sources that you must include in the list of references. Your essay should also include the table of contents to show that you have done serious work on your research. Don’t forget to select the proper style of citation. Overall, your work should show your knowledge on the given topic and demonstrate that you understand the topic to full extent. Therefore, try not to write your essay in simple words. Finally, check the text for mistakes and thoroughly proofread it to make it absolutely error-free. Also you can buy a custom capstone essay on services like custom-essay.net but it is quite expensive due to a big volume of work.

How to write a Capstone Project




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